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I don't know if you found this page from a search, or if you came here from my Gledhill-Repairs website, but either way, thanks for visiting.

I'm Mike Bryant, also known as Mike the Boilerman. (My main website is, in case you haven't already heard!) I've built this site, and its sister sites, specifically to help owners of Gledhill thermal stores and/or their plumbers identify faults and fix them. I'm writing a page for each of their many models with a description of what they do, how they work and a list of the specific faults I've encountered on that particular model.

What IS a SysteMate?:

The Gledhill SysteMate is a thermal store, in other words a tank full of water heated by an ordinary central heating boiler. The water never changes. It is used purely to store heat energy from the boiler. The stored hot water is pumped around the radiators to heat the house, and is used to heat domestic tap water before it arrives at the hot taps. This allows hot water to taps and showers at full mains pressure for high performance showering and faster bath filling.

The SysteMate is an enhanced version of the BoilerMate, and the two are easily confused. The difference is that the BoilerMate has to be fitted with it's expansion tank at a higher level than the boiler and all the radiators (because the BoilerMate fills the radiators and boiler with thermal store water directly, and boilers/radiators fitted higher than the BoilerMate could not fill up with water), while the SysteMate can be fitted anywhere in the property. The SysteMate achieves this by separates the central heating water from the thermal store water using a copper heating coil inside to transfer heat from the boiler primary into the thermal store water, and making this and the radiator/boiler circuits into a separate sealed system. 

As far as I know there are only two versions of the SysteMate, and confusingly they are both called SysteMate III. They look the same and the only difference is in the electronics. One has one single, large, integrated control board and the other has two separate boards. The functionality is the same.  

 If my writings about your SysteMate don't help I'm happy to give email advice to anyone wanting it. Gledhill themselves also offer first class telephone technical support during normal office hours. The number is 0906 611 0005 but take care, it costs 60p a minute!


Once again, thanks for visiting.

Mike Bryant, AKA Mike the Boilerman.



First created 22nd March 2007
Last updated 29th November 2014